2 things You Can Do Now To Change Your Life

Are you serious about wanting to change your life?

No matter how hard and long you pray, things don't turn out as you hope.

Financial freedom eludes you while your marriage hangs in the balance.

You don't have the best-paying job, but it pays the bills, right?

Have you reached your limits?

Is this it?

Maybe you think under the right circumstances, you can bring about the changes you need to make.

Once the kids are out of the house and you get some of those bills paid down, all will be well.

There is no better time than now my friend.

You have been down this road before.

You start things but can't finish them.

When you begin something and don't finish your self-worth suffers.

Every time you do this your self-esteem takes a blow.

Doubting yourself sets in and eventually leads to you giving up.

It's hard on you when you try to change your life but fall into old patterns.

You know God has much more in store for you.

You just know.

After I share what has worked for me and others.

You can better your career by implementing these two hacks.

I've seen relationships restored and people obtaining goals.

Losing weight and paying off credit cards can now be achieved.

I know what you're thinking.

Only two?

Yes, only two.

Here we go.


The first step to change is stopping.

Stop spending money you don't have.

Stop emotional eating.

Stop using drugs.

Stop smoking whatever you like smoking.

Most of all, we must stop believing everything we tell ourselves.

Ever since we were in our youth our self-critic had something to say.

Have you noticed it wants us to focus on what we don't have, and people we can't control?

Our mind creates things out of fear and wants us to think it's reality.

We are constantly reliving the past and fearing the future.

We stop letting our minds lead us into this soul-sucking trap by challenging it.

You will be surprised where some of your thoughts originated from.

Ask yourself, 'where did this belief even come from?'

Our minds are not on our team.

It wants us to feel bad about ourselves.


They're going to come at a time when we have to put up or shut up.

We can plan, wish and pray all we want.

But change comes from action.

I have witnessed so many people have the right attitude about change but they never take the action to get them there.

They begin to listen to themselves and talk themselves out of the life they desire.

Then they get depressed and self-pity gets the best of them.

Action is the antidote to self-pity.

Once you start taking action, just small steps, you begin to feel good about yourself.

You start doing this one day at a time and your perspective starts to change.

You develop a vision.

You see yourself accomplishing goals.

You begin to reach your goals and set healthy boundaries.

When you are confronted with negative thoughts you are now equipped to handle them.

You have evidence.


You understand that we can't think our way into a new way of living, but we can act our way into a new way of thinking and a new life.

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