4 Profound Beliefs To Let Go For A Happy Life

Updated: May 1

Change is painful.

Pain is a part of life.

Life is not fair: it's just is.

People encounter pain and fear several times in life.

Many of us are victims of taking inferior roles to others because of our fears and insecurities.

Society has taught men being scared is a sign of weakness.

It's no wonder most of us only know one emotion when we first get to recovery, and that's anger.

This belief that it isn't manly to be afraid has caused us to disconnect from God, others, and ourselves.

In recovery, we feel several new emotions and are scared because we can't comprehend them.

Gradually we learn healthy beliefs about ourselves.

Our belief is where recovery starts.

We want to protect our beliefs instead.

They are the truth or fantasy, so let go of our illusions.

Have you ever investigated your beliefs to find out where they originated from and are they the truth?

Here are four profound beliefs you may want to consider:

The Belief Feelings Are Fact

Just because you have strong feelings doesn't make them facts.

Look for the evidence to support what you are thinking.

Feelings are deceitful, making you think they are facts and wanting you to do something about them now.

People make bad decisions because of their emotions.

The Belief Happiness Is The Key To Life

We are constantly searching for happiness in all the wrong places.

When we cannot love ourselves, we turn to other things to fill this spiritual void.

Happiness is based on external things and is temporary.

While joy is internal and lasts a lifetime because it reflects your relationship with your Higher Power, Seek joy.

The Belief You Don't Need Others

Relationships provide the perfect framework for us to discover who we are.

Did you know relationships are a reflection of ourselves?

Relationships help us share, learn and grow. If you are experiencing pain in your relationship, ask yourself what you can learn from it.

The Belief You Can Think Your Way To A New Way Of Living

There comes a time you much act on what you know.

Several of us know what to do but aren't willing to do it. If you can visualize it, then you can do it.

How do you expect to get the most out of life if you stay where you are?

Remember, faith without the works is dead.

We want to lighten up in recovery.

We stop taking life and healing so seriously.

We can laugh at ourselves and take a joke when we challenge our beliefs.

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