Don't Go Upstairs Without Adult Supervision

Freedom to choose is dangerous.

There are consequences for making a wrong choice or not choosing.

Most people don't make good decisions on the regular.

Now, if you're the sort of person who can make good decisions consistently, then maybe you don't need to speak to someone first.

As for me, I don't have a high percentage of making good decisions on my own, so I must talk to someone first.

Take a glance at the five questions I have below, and if you answer yes to any one of them, you, too, may need to talk to someone first before making any significant decisions.

1. Are the decisions you're making harming anyone?

Sometimes we need to look at how our decision affects the people around us.

So often, we get caught up in pursuing our dreams that we rip through our family like a tornado, unaware of the damage we left behind us.

Leaving their hearts torn apart like falling debris.

Even if you're trying to further your education or work night-shift to make ends meet, it's important to consider everyone it will affect

2. Does the decisions you make reflect what's NOT necessary to you?

Do people say their health, education, and family are most important to them but are their decisions confirming that?

People's choices should tell others what's important to them more than their mouths.

3. Are you making decisions as a result of your emotions?

This one is hazardous.

I have friends who have been to prison for making decisions because of their feeling.

When your emotions are running high, you'll need someone to talk to before you do something that you'll regret.

4. Will your decision compromise any of your values?

For example, will you be dishonest? Lie? Cheat? Steal?

It's those little things that need attention too.

5. Are you making decisions because of fear?

Most of our fears come from "fear of change," which causes us to make choices to keep us in our comfort zone.

But when we stop and think about it, most of the changes in our lives have been for our good.

No matter where we go, fear is always with us.

We all practice the freedom to choose daily, but sometimes that's overwhelming or intimidating.

So before going upstairs (in our head), get some advice before making a crucial decision.

Most of our thinking is distorted and dominated by fear; we need a loving friend to help us make more healthy decisions for ourselves and our families.

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