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How Painful Circumstances Are Improved In Life Without Demanding Changes In Others

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Recovery is learning how to accept and love ourselves.

It is getting to the core of why we do what we do.

It reveals the reason we react instead of respond.

Recovery heals us mentally, spiritually, physically, and socially.

For a recovering addict, it does not take much to knock us off our block.

We either under-react or over-react, blowing everything out of proportion.

Some of us are addicted to chaos, and confusion and excitement make us feel alive and in control.

But, when we halt to take a realistic look at our circumstances and discern, most of them are minor.

What makes our circumstances painful is our self-centeredness.

We believe that the world revolves around us.

Trapped in self-centeredness, we ignore the needs and feelings of others.

Self-absorption has resulted in us harming many people, but most of all, ourselves.

The 12 steps introduced us to a loving Higher Power.

This Power educates us on how to love ourselves.

We become more God-centered than self-centered when we practice the principles in the 12 steps.

The big-picture is evident to us.

God has been caring for us the entire time.

Others can now be themselves.

We let go of the illusion we can control people.

We have learned everything starts and ends with us.

We only can control ourselves.

Trusting God puts our circumstances in proper perspective.

They develop our character.

We are no longer limited to old ideas.

We are free to love and be loved.

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