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How To Allow A Loving God To Work In Your Life

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

God has been in the business of life for some time now.

He created it.

We have so much to be thankful for because of this gift.

We should be grateful for waking up.

How about that, for starters?

Yet, we spend time dwelling on what we can't do or what we don't have.

We waste energy trying to get more, believing it brings fulfillment to life.

God created man from dust and breath life into his nose.

Our Lord was pleased.


Royalty is in our veins.

Success is our DNA.

We lack nothing.

It is finished.

The Truth

There are wonderful truths we can use to better our lives.

Several are hidden; some are rejected.

If truth slapped most of us in the face we wouldn't recognize it.

Nonetheless, we suspect something is moving us through the challenges in life.

Deep within us is a place of peace, joy, and love.

There is a knowing in us beyond our understanding.

It's protecting us, counseling us, and freeing us.

We can close the door on it, but it will just come through the window.

Our life is our truth within.

We can not find it anywhere else no matter how much we deny it.

Cooperate with Life

The story of our life has many chapters.

It's hard to stop re-reading the characters that disappoint us.

To be winners on our journey called life, we persevere.

We cooperate with life by committing to getting better.

Instead of beating ourselves up we learn from failures and grow.

By surrendering to life and not resisting it somehow things get better.

Get out of the way

We never going to reach a point where trials are gone forever.

Our biggest obstacle is our thinking.

Thoughts form our life.

They brought us where we are today.

It is our thinking that gets in God's way and keeps us stuck.

Our responsibility is to get out of His way.

Here are four tips to help us do just that.


Forgiveness is another word for let go.

We need the willingness to forgive and receive forgiveness if we want God to work in our lives.

We ask God to remove our fear of facing ourselves and the courage to forgive ourselves and others.


Prayer takes practice.

God is accessible to us whenever we need Him.

We pray to Him from our hearts and listen for His response.

He hears us and will guide us to do the next right thing.

In prayer, we find acceptance from God and it becomes a source of our strengths.


Seeking to serve others gets us out of God's way.

Matter of fact, God wants to use us to bless others.

Giving is the highest aspiration of the heart.

It is a good way to recognize our spiritual growth.

We help ourselves by helping others.


It's risky to trust people who aren't perfect.

It's harder to trust ourselves.

Trusting God, ourselves, and other human being is a decision.

We trust God for the strength we need to trust ourselves.

Change takes practice. Remember skilled people were not born with their skills.

As our relationship with God develops, we become more comfortable with getting out of His way knowing we are being cared for.

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