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How To Smart Transit Out Of Rehab Into Life

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

It's time for you to leave rehab, and fear begins.

All sorts of questions rapidly run through your head.

Will I find a job?

Are my relationship with my girl going to survive?

Can I stay clean this time?

Transitioning from rehab into life doesn't have to be hard if you play it smart.

Addicts believe they can come from the safety net of rehab into the world with all its demands and temptation not being there.

Financial obligations, personal responsibilities, and getting comfortable without using are new challenges.

It's tough to have feelings and restrain from putting any person, place, or thing on top.

Addicts get high or act out because we dont want to feel.

Sober living homes are an excellent place to go after rehab. But remember, they have structure and peer support too.

When you get out into the real world, everything goes away unless you find it.

You have to chase recovery like you chased the dope.

The key to staying clean on the outside is getting connected while in rehab.

Don't wait until you leave to try to get connected.

Get you a sponsor and use him.

You guys can hit meetings together and hang out.

You stay clean and center your life around recovery, not the other way around.

The only thing that should come before your recovery is your Higher Power.

Recovery is a journey, not a destination, so give yourself a break.

Millions of addicts around the world have stayed clean after rehab.

It can be your story as well.

We don't recover alone.

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