How Your Freedom Goes Along With Living Your Truth

Updated: May 1

Addicts live in self-made prisons.

It's self-made because of the stories we tell ourselves we believe.

It started in our youth.

Subconsciously we tell ourselves we are worthless and useless.

Maybe it was because our mamas didn't give us the attention we craved and needed making us feel abandoned.

We attempted severely to fit in with other kids and became ready to do whatever so they would like us.

We became people-pleasers, and at the core of our being, we didn't believe we were good enough.

Trapped, we are in an illusion of what if.

This kind of thinking isolates us from other people and reality.

What if I was born into a different family?

What if I knew my father? How would my life have been?

As we got older, our negative self-perception didn't shift.

We buried and denied it.

The world and other people told us happiness was on the outside.

We believe those lies too.

All we wanted was to be happy and feel good about ourselves.

No matter what goals we accomplished in life, there was always something missing.

In recovery, we learn to tell ourselves the truth.

Living our truth is an uphill battle.

We first admit we were addicts.

Furthermore, we had to admit we couldn't recover on our own.

After we stopped using drugs, a spiritual void needed filling.

It's hard telling the truth when you have been lying to yourself your entire life.

The Bible says in John 8:31-32 that the truth will set you free.

What does that mean?

Jesus spoke to those who believed in what He said and who He was.

They believed He speaks the truth about the Father, the Scriptures, and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit works inside us when we start working the 12 steps.

We change on the inside and reflect our Higher Power in our words and deeds.

Everything God says about you is the truth.

We all have the strength within to face life on life's terms.

In recovery, we love you until you learn to love yourself.

You no longer need to lie as you did or believe things external can heal you internally.

With living your reality comes freedom from sin, freedom from the disease of addiction, and freedom to be the person God designed you to be.

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