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If You Scared Say You Scared

What do you fear?

Would you like to change, or does the very thought of it paralyze you?

If so, that's okay.

Society has taught us being afraid is a sign of weakness, but in all reality, it's a sign of strength.

Let's be honest here; it's comfortability that keeps us stuck.

We feel safe when our lives are convenient and predictable.

We trust what's familiar, even if it's causing us pain.

Unconscience minds are always searching for safety and control.

Our only hope is to shatter the illusion of control if we desire to live our full potential.

Life is scary.

And when life happens, it's hard for some of us to accept it.

One proven way we can become unstuck and unafraid is by trying something different.

Fear is present when we do something new.

We expect that.

The key is walking through it regardless of our fears.

When we do, we grow.

Our strengthened faith applies what we learn to other areas of our lives.

Self-esteem grows by accepting life.

New situations don't frighten us as they once did.

We have an optimistic outlook on life.

We become good at being ourselves even if we're frightened.

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