The Blessing of Being Powerless

Updated: May 1

We learn a lot about surrendering our will to God and not much about being powerless over circumstances.

Surrender has a terrible reputation, but a powerless reputation is worse.

The world says being powerless is one being weak, less than, or a failure.

No one likes being weak or defeated because we live in a world that worships winning, so everyone tries to become a winner.

Life has a natural flow that we have no control over.

Sometimes it flows our way and to our liking.

Other times it flows opposite of our expectations and causes us to become uncomfortable within.

It's at this moment we recognize only God has control over everything.

It's the perfect opportunity for us to recognize our powerlessness and trust God.

That's the blessing.

God lays that gnawing, uncomfortable feeling inside us to make us aware of our powerlessness.

He wants us to do some soul searching and ask ourselves some questions.

Questions as:

Why do I feel I need to be in control of everything and everyone?

What part did I play in this situation?

Do I believe in my heart that God is in control of this situation?

When we admit our powerlessness and take a look at our motives and not our feeling, we become connected to God and our true selves.

Our emotions are still there, but we let go of trying to control them.

We must remember we are powerless over people, places, and things.

When we forget, our lives become unmanageable, and the pain starts over.

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