The Forbidden Fruit

For most people, their best thinking got them into trouble.

A want that manifests itself into a demand.

This demand isn't always sinful occasionally; it's a normal desire to be loved or valued.

The intellect is deceiving that it can instruct you to pursue a legitimate desire at the wrong time for the wrong reason.

Self-deception is the forbidden fruit that grows from our hearts and makes it difficult to recognize the need for internal healing.

"I can stop any time I want."

"I'm in control."

I'm not hurting no one" are some of the lies we tell ourselves and others to get what we want and to continue doing what we're doing.

Satan says happiness is what we want and can get it from external stuff.

While God tells us joy is what we need, we only get it from an internal relationship with Him.

Satan has been deceiving people for a long time.

He watches our behaviors and what we prefer and desire.

He waits until we are alone like Eve and temps us with lies.

"It will make you feel better."

"It will solve your problems."

"You will be like God."

Habits don't go away overnight.

That's why it's important to study God's Word, The Truth.

Once we get God's Word in our heart and spirit, we can discern who's speaking to us and make wiser choices.

The Holy Spirit knows our weaknesses and will guard against our destructive thoughts, knowing that old thought patterns persist.

But the question we must all ask ourselves is:

Do we want to change?

Because most of the time, our mind tells us we want to change, but we keep making the same mistakes expecting different results.


The Devil is always suggesting things to us because that's his job, and be confident that he's going bring his "A" game.

He knows what we like better than we do.

The problem is that people don't have a plan against Satan's suggestions.

Then they spend their thought life trying to make sense of lies by rationalizing, denying, and justifying them, becoming obsessed.

That's where the madness part comes into play.

Self-deception and self-will go hand in hand.

The only way to free ourselves is to rely on the Holy Spirit.

God's Word teaches us to consult biblical principles and not our selfish desires in making decisions.

The power we find in The Truth is a power we lack on our own.

God can go for us what we can't do for ourselves.

We learn to depend on that power and the inner strength we get from our relationship with Him.

Remember, lies grow in the dark, and truth blossoms in the light.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.

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