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Why Are People Yearning For A Meaningful Life?

Updated: May 1, 2022

Do you want a better life?

Does a life full of meaning and purpose sound good to you?

If this is you, you're not alone.

Sadly, today people feel they don't have much to live.

People contact me wanting directions to a meaningful life.

It's my responsibility as their Life Recovery Coach to guide them on a road full of unlimited possibilities.

They learn how to accept life challenges in a mature, responsible way.

Most of them have developed bad habits and false beliefs to keep them feeling safe.

I know because this was once me.

I remember when my life had no purpose or meaning.

I had to learn how to stop running from my feeling and learn how to challenge my thinking.

There was a spiritual void inside that only my Higher Power could fill.

This loving Power taught me how to accept myself on a deeper level.

He enlightened me to forgive myself for not knowing how to live a life of love and service.

He gently guided me to a lost little boy inside me I had abandoned a long time ago.

When my relationship with the hurt little boy began to heal, my relationships with others began to heal.

Indeed I became vulnerable, and it was risky to share my secrets and fears.

But the risk was well worth the rewards of freedom and purpose.

I no longer have to wear masks to fit in or to like myself.

I experienced the freedom to be myself and entered a new and different life.

Everyone is the person their Higher Power intended them to be.

It's impossible to have a meaningful life if you do not understand this simple truth.

Many will spend the remainder of their life seeking an external solution to heal an internal spiritual problem.

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